by Jerry Vines

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Preaching Among Thorns & Scorpions (2 of 12)
Ezekiel Series
Jerry Vines
Ezekiel 2

I was in Oklahoma City a few weeks ago, speaking at a conference. I was picked up at the airport by a young pastor who has a young church there—about 150 in his congregation. In the course of the conversation with him I found that he had been a young engineer. He had worked for one of the oil companies in Oklahoma. He was doing quite well—was quite prosperous. While he was in that career, God called him into the ministry. He left that career as an engineer and took up the task of being a preacher of the Word of God.

Some time before that I was in California, speaking at John MacArthur’s church. I was met at the airport by a young man in his late 30s. He is a graduate at the Masters Seminary at Dr. MacArthur’s place. He has accepted the call to be a pastor of a small congregation in the Memphis area in Tennessee. Before he came out to the seminary, he was a young doctor by profession. He had a lucrative medical practice and he was on the teaching faculty of the medical school at Vanderbilt University. While he was a young doctor, a young teacher, God changed his career and called him into the ministry. Now he is a preacher of the gospel.

Two men—one an engineer and God changed his career and called him to be a preacher. A young man who was a medical doctor and God changed his career and called him to be a preacher.

Ezekiel, as you will recall in the first chapter, is a young priest. He is just getting ready to begin his priesthood. He has finished his finals. He has taken his oral exams. He is getting ready now to embark on his career. He is on the cusp of the priesthood. He is living in a time of major catastrophe. The children of Israel have been carried away into the land of Babylon. We read in the opening verses of this first chapter of Ezekiel that they have been carried away into Babylon and that they were living there in exile. Ezekiel was living ...

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