by Jerry Vines

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Are You Dying? (12 of 12)
Series: Meet Jesus
Jerry Vines
John 11:1-44

This morning we are looking at a familiar man in the Bible-Lazarus.

I have a pastor friend named Fred Wolfe, who for many years was pastor in Mobile, Alabama, at the Cottage Hill Baptist Church. We became great friends in those years when I was in Mobile. He told me a story some time ago which I would like to share with you this morning.

He said there was a man in Mobile, Alabama, who was quite a wealthy man. He went out to the M.D. Anderson Clinic in Houston, Texas. While he was there, they diagnosed his case that he did indeed have cancer. There was nothing they could do about it and it was terminal in nature. They said to him that he had just a little while to live; you need to set your affairs in order.

This man called his banker and his lawyer and asked them to fly out to Houston. In his room, he met with his banker and set his financial affairs in order. Then he talked with his lawyer and he set in order his legal affairs. Then, he picked up the phone and called my pastor friend, Fred. I'll tell you in a little while what he said to him when called.

Here is a man who is dying and he is setting his affairs in order. It's a good thing to do. In Isaiah 38:1, the prophet Isaiah said to King Hezekiah, ''Set thine affairs in order for thou shalt die and not live.''

When you are dying it is a good thing to set your affairs in order and when you are dying, by all means, if you have not, you need to meet the Lord Jesus Christ.

When you study the life of the Lord Jesus you will find that the Lord Jesus attached Himself or identified Himself when families were going through crisis experiences. In fact, you cannot read about the Lord Jesus Christ and not know that Jesus Christ is interested in our families and he is especially interested when we go through crisis times.

Next Sunday morning we will celebrate Mother's Day. You may recall that when Jesus was dying on the cross ...

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