by Jerry Vines

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In The Military? (11 of 12)
Meet Jesus
Jerry Vines
Luke 7:1-10

We are doing a series of studies about people who met
Jesus—people who had a variety of problems, a variety
of circumstances, and as result of that they were able
to meet Jesus.

This morning I want you to meet a man who met Jesus
and in the course of his meeting Jesus, a servant is
healed and a life is changed. I want you to meet this
man who is a military man. We do not know his name,
but we do know that he was a man in the military. He
is known in these verses of Scripture as a centurion.

The word, centurion, is similar to the word, century.
When we use the word, century, we know what we are
talking about-100 years.

When you see the word, centurion, in the Bible it is
similar to that in that a centurion was a Roman
soldier who was in charge of 100 men. This centurion
is an officer in the Roman Empire and evidently he is
over a garrison of soldiers stationed at the city of
Capernaum where Jesus lived.

He is unnamed. As you read the New Testament you will
find that there are a number of centurions mentioned.
There are about seven mentioned in the New Testament.
Without exception every one of those military men is a
man of high character and is a man who is placed in a
favorable light in the New Testament.

For instance, two of them. You may remember when the
Lord was crucified at Calvary. When it was all over,
the Bible says there was a centurion standing there
and he said, “Surely, this man was the Son of God.”

You may remember another centurion in the 10th chapter
of Acts—a man named Cornelius. The Bible says he was a
devout man. The Bible compliments him in terms of his
character. Every time these military men, the
centurions, are mentioned in the Bible, they are
mentioned in a favorable light.

I think about that and our own fellowship here. I
think about the fact that we have men and women in the
milita ...

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