by Jerry Vines

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Need Some Mercy? (9 of 12)
Series: Meet Jesus
Jerry Vines
Mark 10:46-52

We continue in our studies of people who met Jesus in the New Testament—people who had particular problems, particular needs and they brought these needs to Jesus. When they met Jesus those needs were satisfied. This morning it’s Need Some Mercy—Meet Jesus.

Along the way in the ministry of our Lord, His journeys carried Him to the city of Jericho. Jericho, in the day of our Lord, is a far cry from Jericho in our day. The last time I went Old Testament Jericho was 1989. I was president of the SBC at that time and when we got to Jericho, I heard that Arafat was there. He has a compound there. I said to a couple of friends of mine, “let’s go see if we can see Arafat?” Each one of them had a cell phone. I got them on each side of me. I thought that would make me look more important. We walked right up to the gate where the guard was and announced ourselves and said we would like to see Arafat.

There was some commotion; they went inside the compound and came back and said that Chairman Arafat had just laid down for the day and was resting and was sorry that he would not be able to see us.

Jericho, today, is just but a reflection—a pale picture of what you would have found in the days of Jesus. Today is just a little place and about all you can find there are some stores where you can buy some trinkets and some other things like that. It is run down. It is decrepit, dilapidated kind of place.

But when the Lord Jesus Christ went to Jericho, in the New Testament day, it was quite a resort center. I was a large city—about 100,000 people who lived there. It was a city of villas and baths. It had become kind of a winter resort. Herod had built a theatre and an amphitheatre there. The name, Jericho, means fragrance. It was a city that was filled with beautiful fragrances. The fragrances of the rose gardens and the palm trees. It was indeed a resort center. But there came a day w ...

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