by Jerry Vines

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Lost a Child? (8 of 12)
Meet Jesus
Jerry Vines
Mark 5:22

I’m really in some of the favorite preaching I like to
do. I really enjoy preaching about Jesus and what
Jesus can do for people and what Jesus did for people
in the New Testament and what Jesus can do for people
today. I enjoy that. I love when I am just really
focused in on our Lord and our wonderful Jesus is and
the power of Jesus.

In this study we are doing on Meet Jesus—people who
had problems and they meet Jesus—that’s what we are
talking about. This morning we are talking about the
subject—Lost a Child? Meet Jesus.

Janet and I have never had the experience of losing a
child by death. But it must be a heart-rending
experience. There are folks sitting in this building
today and you have had that experience. You have lost
a child and probably you could say to us that there is
nothing more heart rending, there is nothing more
tragic than the loss of a child.

This week I got an email from my brother-in-law in
Georgia that he forwarded to me. It was from some
folks whose nine-year-old daughter is missing. It
says—“I am asking you all—begging you, please forward
this email on to anyone and everyone you know. PlEASE,
my nine-year old girl, Penny Brown is missing. She has
been missing for two weeks. It is still not too late.
Please help us. If anyone anywhere knows anything,
please contact me. All prayers are appreciated. It
only takes two seconds to forward this on. If it were
your child you would want all the help you could get.”

You can imagine what that family is going through if
they haven’t found their child. Some of you have lost
a loved one. I remember when I first came to the city
of Jacksonville; there was a doctor in the city whose
little child, about 10 years old, died. I remember the
heartache and the tragedy of that. That is a real
stressful time for a marriage. Unfortunately, that
particular marriage did n ...

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