by Jerry Vines

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HEARD THE NEWS? (7 of 12)
Meet Jesus
Jerry Vines
John 19:25; 20:1

A number of years ago I had the opportunity to go to
Asia/Minor and take a trip tracing the missionary
journeys of the Apostle Paul. One of the places where
we docked was Ismere. In Ismere we were met by a young
Muslim guide named Ahu. She was a young lady 24 years
of age. She was a graduate of the university there and
had been a guide for a few years. In the course of
our going to various places every morning, our bus
would get together and she would get on the bus and
say to me, “Good morning, Jarry.” That’s the way she
pronounced my name.

During the tour I became acquainted with her and was
talking to her. I was asking the Lord to help me
explain to here what the Christian faith is all about
and what it means to know the Lord. Realizing that she
and I were from different cultures—that I was a
Christian and she was Muslim. I asked the Lord to give
me some way, some approach, to explain to her what
Christianity is all about in a simple term.

We were at the sight of Pergamas one afternoon and the
Lord gave me just exactly what I needed. I said to
her, “Ahu, regardless of who you are or where you live
or what your religion may be—all people in the world
have two problems. Their religion must give an answer
to those two problems. Those two problems are sin and

When you think about it, those really are the two
problems that people have. All other problems can fit
under the category of the problem of sin—what do I do
about my sin? How can I overcome the guilt of my sin?
How can I get power to have victory over my sin?

The other problem is death. What about the problem of
death? The problem of loved ones who have died—some of
you have lost loved ones recently. The question of—
will you ever see your loved ones again? Then there is
the matter of your own death. What are you going to do
about death yourself? ...

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