by Jerry Vines

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Bound by Satan? (6 of 12)
Series: Meet Jesus
Jerry Vines
Mark 5:1

We are looking today at Jesus, the One and Only in this series of messages I call, ''Meet Jesus.'' I love it when I get on these passages and these series of messages that focus in on our wonderful Lord Jesus Christ. When you are preaching Jesus you are doing good preaching. I don't care who is doing it. A lot of people can preach Jesus better than I can, but they can't preach a better Jesus than I can.

We are going to look at the first 20 verses of Mark 5, but I will just read a few verses at the beginning.

Anywhere you look in the 5th chapter of Mark you have an account of those who meet Jesus. There are three beautiful pictures of people meeting Jesus in Mark 5. One is about the little girl who was 12 years old and she had died. Jesus raised her again from the dead and the first person she saw was Jesus-she met Jesus.

Then here is the account about the woman who had an incurable disease and she meets Jesus in this chapter. Then there is this man who bound by Satan. All three of these instances might be considered to be incurable cases. The little girl was on her way to the cemetery for burial. The woman was on her way to a home for the terminally ill. Of course, the man was on his way to an insane asylum. All three of these impossible cases until they meet Jesus Christ.

When you look at this 5th chapter you will find also that it serves as a clinic of the Lord Jesus Christ. In every one of these instances, when they meet Jesus, the problems, the difficulties, the tragedies going on in their lives is resolved by an experience in which they meet the Lord Jesus Christ.

This morning we are going to focus on this man we know commonly as Legend. This man is bound by Satan. As you read the verses of Scripture you will discover that he has lost just about everything. He has lost his family and his friends. He has lost his sanity. He has lost his self-control. He has lost his decency. ...

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