by Jerry Vines

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HIT THE BOTTOM? (5 of 12)
Meet Jesus
Jerry Vines
Mark 2:1-12

We are talking around the general theme of “Meet
Jesus.” Talking about people in the Bible who had
problems and they brought their problems to Jesus.
When you bring your problems to Jesus then you are on
your way to getting your problems solved.

This morning the question is—Hit the Bottom? Meet

I went to graduate school in New Orleans, Louisiana.
Among the other things that we did there—every week we
had a mission project. During the years that I was a
student at the New Orleans Seminary I did a variety of
things. Sometimes I would go into the ghetto areas of
New Orleans and conduct a Bible study at night in a
home. On other occasions we would go to the City
Rescue Mission and preach. We would see people come to
know the Lord as their Savior.

Another thing that I did for a number of months was
preach on the streets in the French Quarter. If you
have ever been to the French Quarter, you know what a
place that is. So, for about nine months, at one time,
I preached right off of Bourbon Street in the French
Quarter on a corner. We would move in there with our
little van and take out a portable organ. We had a guy
who would play the piano and we would sing a little
music and gather up a crowd on that corner. Then I
would preach.

I had some rather unusual experiences there. I
remember one time a guy threatened to kill me if I
didn’t quit preaching. That got my attention. I
remember another time I was preaching a police car
drove up and six policemen circled me while I was
preaching. That will get your attention also.

During those months as I was preaching on the street,
I encountered a lot of people who had hit the bottom
in life. You might be surprised some of the people who
were there who had hit the bottom. It was not your
normal homeless crowd. We talk about the problems and
the needs of the homeless tod ...

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