by Jerry Vines

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Lost All Hope? (4 of 12)
Meet Jesus
Jerry Vines
Matthew 4:1-4

Psychologists sometimes administer what is known as
the “Beck Hopelessness Test.” It is a test which
measures indications that a person may be on the verge
of suicide. Twenty-two false statements are given and
they measure several areas. One of those areas is
concern about the future. Another one is loss of
motivation. Another area which is registered is loss
of anticipation.

Just this week I was reading that the University of
Texas at San Antonio in their Science and Health
Center released a report which said that the loss of
hope among the elderly is an indication of higher
rates of death. In other words, when a person gets
older and they get to the point they feel there is no
hope for them, no sense of anticipation or motivation
for the future. This tends to cause higher death

Hopelessness. No concern. No interest in the future.
No anticipation for good things to happen in the

Here is a man who came to the Lord Jesus Christ and
had he taken the Beck Hopelessness Scale, I’m sure he
would have registered very, very high on the scale. He
is a man who evidently had come to the point where if
he didn’t have any hope at all, he had very little
hope whatsoever. Hopelessness. Despair. Hopelessness.
No anticipation of good or success.

It can lead to paralysis of your activities. I can
lead to depression. Eventually it can even lead to

Here is a man who has lost all hope and he needs to
meet the Lord Jesus Christ. One of the reasons I’m
glad the Lord has called me to preach and given me the
opportunity to preach is because when I stand in front
of you every Sunday I hold in my hand a copy of what I
call the HOPE BOOK. In this book it tells us about
the Lord Jesus. First Timothy 1 says that Christ is
our hope. In Hebrews 6:19 the Bible says, “Which hope
we have as an anchor for the soul.” In T ...

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