by Jerry Vines

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NEED A MIRACLE? (3 of 12)
Meet Jesus
Jerry Vines
John 5:1-18

In the verses I have read to you this morning, we
encounter a man who is in need of a miracle. It is
altogether true that in this congregation this morning
there are people here today who are in need of a
miracle. You have come into this building and you know
the circumstances of your life and where you are at
this particular point—you need a miracle. Maybe you
need a marriage miracle. If something doesn’t happen—
if events don’t change—if circumstances don’t reverse
themselves—your marriage is not going to make it and
you are in need of a marriage miracle.

Maybe you are in need of an employment miracle. Looks
like your job is going to be terminated. You have no
real viable prospects at this point in time. If
something doesn’t happen then you are going to be out
of a job and you need an employment miracle.

There are some here today who need a financial
miracle. Some deadlines are coming up. Some notes are
coming due. Some bills need to be paid. Maybe your
401K has hit the bottom and you are getting ready to
retire. If something doesn’t happen you are not going
to be able to retire. You really could use a financial

Here is a man who came to the Lord Jesus Christ and
what happened to him is what needs to happen to all of
us when we are in need of a miracle. This man met
Jesus. We need to meet Jesus, also.

The man’s name is not mentioned here. We are just
simply told in verse 5 that it was a certain man. He
is nameless. We won’t know his name until we get to
heaven. He is just one of the crowd. He has come to
the pool of Bethesda.

We are told a little bit about that pool in verse 2.
It was near the sheep gate. It was a pool that had
five porches. When you go to Israel they will take you
to St. Anne’s Church which is near where that sheep
gate was. The city of Jerusalem had a number of gates
that you could go ...

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