by Jerry Vines

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Got a Tragedy? (2 of 12)
Series: Meet Jesus
Jerry Vines
John 4:45-54

It is altogether possible this morning that one of you, many of you, or any number of you have come into this service today and you are dealing with a tragedy. You have had in recent days a series of events or occurrences which has brought tragedy to your life. In the Novel, ''Brothers Karamazov,'' one of the characters says, ''What terrible tragedies real life contrives for people.''

Of course, that is true. Real life brings with it many, many tragedies. The word, tragedy, is a rather interesting word. I got interested in it as I was thinking about trying to help people today deal with the subject of tragedy. So, I looked up the word, tragedy and I found that it means a disastrous event. Then I got interested in the etymology of the word- where did the word come from. I discovered, much to my surprise or amazement, that it comes from a Greek word for goat. It also comes from a word that means to gnaw. You know goats gnaw on things. So the very root of the word, tragedy, means to gnaw. A tragedy is a disastrous even which gnaws at the heart. It gnaws at the soul.

So, there may be some here this morning and you are dealing with tragedy and I'm glad you are here this morning because you have an opportunity in this place to meet the Lord Jesus Christ, if you have not, and let Him help you with your tragedy.

When we study the New Testament-the Gospels of the Lord Jesus. We find that any number of people who had tragedies brought those tragedies to the Lord Jesus and they were helped by Him. The verses of Scripture which I have read this morning give us the account of the nobleman's son who was at the point of death. We learn a great deal about how to deal with tragedy in this account.

One of the things we learn here is -what faith is. The basic elements of faith and how faith can grow and progress in a person's life are revealed in this particular account. Here was a man who ...

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