by Jerry Vines

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Dealing With Doubt? (1 of 12)
Series: Meet Jesus
Jerry Vines
John 1:45-51

If you are dealing with doubt, then you need to meet Jesus. In John 1 I have taken a scene from the life of our Lord which I think will address this particular problem.

Life is a series of problems. If you do not have a problem this morning, just hang around, before it's over you are going to have a problem. All people are in one of three stages when it comes to problems. They are either coming out of the problem, in a problem, or heading to a problem. Life is a series of problems.

The good news about the Lord Jesus Christ is that to know Jesus Christ as your Savior gives you access to Someone who is the great problem-solver. I do not know what problem you may be experiencing today, but whatever that problem may be, ultimately and fundamentally, when you get down to the root of the matter, you will discover that Jesus Christ is able to help you with that particular problem.

One of the problems I'm going to deal with this morning (and I'll be dealing with a number of them in the weeks ahead) is the problem of doubt or skepticism. There are many people filled with skepticism and doubt in the world in which we live. In some ways it is a part of our training. We have been trained in our schools to think skeptically-to think from a scientific perspective and to be skeptical so that we get to the facts and know what the facts may be.

That aura or that atmosphere of skepticism has bled over into religious life and there are many people today who are dealing with the problem of doubt. Somebody has said that doubt is a swinging bridge between faith and unbelief. Faith says-I believe. Doubt says-I'm not sure. Faith says-I trust. Doubt says-I don't know.

Here is a man in the Bible who has a problem with skepticism or doubt. His name is Nathanael. The indications from the words of the Lord about this man Nathanael are that he was indeed a doubter, but he was also a sincere doubter. T ...

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