by Jerry Vines

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Our Financial Life - Part 2 (45 of 48)
Jerry Vines
Hebrews 13:5-6

These verses which we are going to study in the
concluding chapter of Hebrews are so very helpful and
so very practical. They touch on some areas of our
daily life that are important and necessary to a well-
rounded life (which is what these verses have to do
with) and I don’t think we need to rush over them. I’m
not trying to belabor the matter or unduly delay it,
but when I got to verses 5 and 6 it became apparent to
me that there is a real message for our heart, as
God’s people, in these verses.

Beginning with the first verse of this chapter we have
a series of very practical applications for the
Christian life. We find in theses verses God’s picture
of a well-rounded life. God wants us to be well-
rounded as believers. So he touches on several aspects
of daily life which are important to a well-rounded
life as a believer.

In the first three verses he talked about our social
life. He talked about our relationship to others. Love
is the key.

Then in verse 4 he talked about our sexual life. We
are sexual beings and we have to come to grips with
our sexuality in a biblical way. Not being influenced
by the way the world approaches human sexuality, but
what God has to say about it. The preciousness and the
beauty of this aspect of our life are very important
to a well-rounded life.

Now, in verse 5 and 6 he moves to another area of our
life. I have tagged this area -our financial life.
When we get down to verse 7 and 8 (17 and 24) we’ll
talk about our spiritual life. That will be next week.

I want to point out that in verse 5 in the King James
(I read from the King James in the pulpit) I’m aware
you may have other versions of the Bible. This is a
1611 translation. I have an update on that. None of us
could read the 1611 version. I have a copy of the 1611
and the old English there is very, very difficult for
peopl ...

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