by Jerry Vines

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A Well Rounded Life - Part 1 (44 of 48)
Series: Hebrews
Jerry Vines
Hebrews 13:1-8, 17; 24

I don't know when we started in the book of Hebrews, but it's been a few weeks ago. We are coming now to the 13th chapter and I want to tell you that it is a rich, rich chapter-a tremendous chapter. I'm almost disappointed we are just about through with Hebrews. But I am real excited about the book of Ezekiel. I was studying Ezekiel some this morning and that is absolutely the most unusual book in the whole Bible. If this guy, Ezekiel, lived next door to you, you would have wondered what in the world is going on. I'm not kidding. Just wait until I start into that book of Ezekiel and see the unusual things God had Ezekiel to do. If you question that, start reading the book of Ezekiel. You will find what I'm talking about.

The concluding verses of the book of Hebrews become intensely practical. He is now making the practical application to our lives as believers--how we are to live our life and how we can live a well rounded life.

There are about three possible ways for a person to live life. You can just endure life. For some people- that's it. They are just enduring life; just trying to get through it. Other people try to escape life. Life is so painful for them that they seek ways to escape it. They seek to dull their consciousness so that they do not have to face the realities and the problems and the difficulties of life. Some people endure life. Some people escape life. But I believe all of us would agree that we would like to enjoy life.

Enjoying life does not come the way some people think it comes. Some people think that the way to enjoy life is to have an abundance of material things. Solomon's life gives the lie to that thought. Solomon, as we are told in the book of Ecclesiastes, had everything you could possibly have. His life was absolutely flooded with an abundance of material things. Yet, in Ecclesiastes, 2nd chapter, Solomon says, ''I hated life. ...

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