by Jerry Vines

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Build Your Hopes. . .Eternal (43 of 48)
Jerry Vines
Hebrews 12:25-29

Carl Sagan was the eminent professor of astronomy at
Cornell University. He died a year or so ago. He was
famous for his best selling book entitled, “The
Cosmos.” In that book, at the very beginning, he gives
us his outlook on the whole universe and how it came
into existence when he says, “The cosmos is all that
is or ever was or ever will be.” That was his view of
the universe. It is a succinct, to the point statement
of belief in the existence of the universe without the
necessity for a creator. It is a statement that the
world came into existence by chance.

We who are Bible-believing Christians believe that
the world came into existence by creation. We believe
that there is a creator God. We believe Genesis 1:1,
“In the beginning God created the heavens and the
earth.” That is the view of creation. Sagan enunciated
the view of chance.

Our equation for the existence of everything is this.
Nothing plus God equals everything. Sagan’s equation
is this: nothing plus chance equals everything. It is
an incredible, breath-taking statement. It is more
incredible than the story I heard about the old lady
who had gone to hear the eminent philosopher and
psychologist, Williams James, lecture on the solar
system. When he had finished his lecture she
approached him and said to him, “My theory is superior
to yours. We are not on a round ball revolving around
the sun. We’re on a crust of earth resting on the back
of a giant turtle.”

Mr. James thought he would be kind to her and said,
“Maam, if your theory is correct, upon does the giant
turtle stand?” She said, “You are a very clever man,
Mr. James. That’s a good question, but I have an
answer. The first turtle is standing on a second, far
larger turtle.” He decided he would be patient with
her and said, “Upon what does the second turtle
stand?” She crowed t ...

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