by Jerry Vines

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We’ve Come to Mt. Sion (42 of 48)
Jerry Vines
Hebrews 12:18-24

We are going to be finishing Hebrews soon. There’s
only one more chapter in the book of Hebrews. I have
not been rushing, as you know, because I have a
feeling and it has been confirmed by many of you that
when you come on Wednesday nights you are interested
in really digging into God’s Word and going a little
bit deeper maybe than we are able to go on a Sunday
morning service. I’m just taking my time. I’m looking
at it section by section. But we will complete it soon
and we are going to the book of Ezekiel. We are going
to take the great themes out of the book of Ezekiel. I
was studying Ezekiel this morning trying to get ready
for that. That is an absolutely astonishing book. We
are going to have a great time studying the book of

I frequently refer to the fact that when I was a nine-
year-old boy I received the Lord Jesus Christ as my
Savior. On that Sunday night service, when I came
forward, I was coming to Jesus. Little did I realize
not only was I coming to Jesus, but also I was coming
to a whole lot of things that I never dreamed about. I
was coming to Jesus, but I was coming to a great
number of things.

The Bible tells us that when we come to Jesus it opens
up eternity for us. These verses of Scripture, which I
have read for you, form a contrast. You will notice in
verse 18 he says, “For you are not come.” Then down
in verse 22 he says, “But you are come.”

Verses 18-21 - you are not come. Verses 22-24—you are
come. He is giving a contrast between the old and the
new. He is giving a contrast between the law and
grace. He is giving a contrast between two mountains
and he is using these two mountains as pictures or

The first mountain is Mount Sinai where the law was
given. The second mountain is Mount Sion in verse 22.
That represents the relationship we have with God
thro ...

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