by Jerry Vines

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A FAMILY TRUTH (40 of 48)
Jerry Vines
Hebrews 12:7-12

Let me just give you the framework which helps us
understand the subject of divine discipline. I’m using
the word, discipline, in place of the word,
chastisement. The word, chastisement, is better
translated, discipline, in that it is a truth which
has to do with God’s dealings with His children.

The framework for understanding the whole subject of
divine discipline is this. The Lord deals with you and
me as His children. We were judged as sinners 2000
years ago at the cross of Calvary. That was the past
judgment. In the future we will be examined at the
Judgment Seat of Christ concerning our service. We
will be dealt with as servants in the future. But in
the present time, in our Christian walk, the Lord
deals with us as sons.

When we sin as believers there are one of two
alternatives. When we sin as believers we can confess
our sin. Hopefully we are sensitive to the Lord,
sensitive to the convicting work of the Holy Spirit,
so that when He convicts us we confess our sins and He
cleanses us and restores us to fellowship. If we
refuse to confess our sins, then the Bible teaches
that God chastises us for our sins. That’s how the
whole area of divine discipline fits into the
Christian life.

The subject of divine discipline is given in these
verses more clearly than any other place in God’s
Word. In verse 5 and 6 he has basically told us that
divine discipline is a forgotten subject. And it is.
There are not many believers who understand the
subject of divine discipline. Some Christians have the
idea that they can just sin and that’s alright and God
will just let it go by and that God won’t deal with
the matter and everything will be fine. Yet, the Bible
teaches something contrary to this. The Bible teaches
that God loves us so very much that He cannot allow
sin to go unconfronted and undealt with in our life.

I ...

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