by Jerry Vines

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Jerry Vines
Hebrews 12:1-3

We are finally coming to the 12th chapter of the book
of Hebrews. We are looking at the last two chapters in
our study of Hebrews. I have taken it verse-by-verse,
almost word-by-word. I have been away from it for a
few weeks because of the Christmas holidays and other
things that came into play. But we are moving on now
and we will probably finish these two chapters in a
couple of months. I think maybe 7 or 8 studies on
Wednesday nights will take care of this for us. Then
we are going into an exciting study of the book of
Ezekiel. How many of you have ever had your preacher
to give you a study of the book of Ezekiel? I’ve never
done one. I gave a little survey of the book of
Ezekiel one time and I have preached from certain
passages in Ezekiel. I’m not going to do every verse
and every chapter of Ezekiel. There are about 48
chapters of that. We would be through the Great
Tribulation and in the millennium time we got through
with that. I am going to give you some highlights.

Remember when you see the word, wherefore, or the
word, therefore, in the Bible you always ask yourself
the question—what is the wherefore there for?
Normally, it points us to what has previously been
said and leads us into what is now going to be said.
Building on what has just been given, now he makes an
application. He gives a word here for us.

I think it may be helpful for us to remember at this
point the overall theme and emphasis of the book of
Hebrews. There are two main purposes for the book of
Hebrews. The first purpose is to exalt the Lord Jesus
Christ. There is no greater book of the Bible to study
if you want to know who Jesus is and what Jesus did
for you and how wonderful Jesus is than the book of
Hebrews. All the way through, beginning in the very
first chapter. He shows us the magnitude and the
majesty and the glory of the Lord J ...

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