by Jerry Vines

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Rahab: Faith Gets You. . .Family (36 of 48)
Jerry Vines
Hebrews 11:31

This is really a rather fascinating, amazing verse
when you examine it. “By faith.” The repetition of
that phrase is the key which lets us know that this is
the great chapter on faith. It tells us how faith
lives itself out in the hearts and lives and
experiences of God’s people through the ages.

“By faith the harlot, Rahab, perished not with them
that believed not, when she had received the spies
with peace.”

We are looking at another one of the heroes of the
faith in this 11th chapter of Hebrews. It is the second
woman who is mentioned in this chapter. The first one
mentioned is Sara in verse 11. What we have in these
two women are the two opposite ends of the social
scale. Sara, who was a princess of God—Rahab, who was
a prostitute. Sara, who was a member of the chosen
family of God. Rahab, who lived in the wicked city of
Jericho. Yet, in the story of Rahab, is one of those
remarkable, wonderful stories of how faith gets you
into the family of God.

When you look at this verse and examine it carefully,
it really becomes almost like a TV screen. As you view
this verse like a TV screen, you begin to see emerging
the pictures of the remarkable story of what God did
in the life of a poor, darkened, pagan woman who was
without hope and without God in the world until God
broke into her experience and by faith she got in the
family of God.

When you look at this picture, first of all, you see
the exercise of her faith.

I. The Exercise of her Faith.

They didn’t believe, but she did believe. She
exercised her faith and she was saved. The story of
Rahab’s salvation was a wonderful, wonderful story of
amazing grace.

We know that this woman Rahab was a Gentile. She is
mentioned back in the book of Joshua 2. The writer of
Hebrews is really giving us a survey of Old Testament
Bible history and from it ...

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