FAITH (35 OF 48)

by Jerry Vines

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Faith (35 of 48)
Series: Hebrews
Jerry Vines
Hebrews 11:28-30

This 11th chapter has to be one of the great chapters in all of the Bible. It is the great chapter on faith. As we have moved through the book of Hebrews, and we are coming now to the concluding chapters, we are looking at the overall theme that what we have in the Lord Jesus Christ is better than anything else you could ever have. Two main purposes for the book of Hebrews-exalt the Lord Jesus Christ, to show His superiority. That's why the word, better, occurs many times in Hebrews. The second purpose is to encourage us as believers to go on to maturity and to completion in the Lord-not to be satisfied to just be ordinary, but to become extra-ordinary in our walk with the Lord. In Christ we have a better person-the person of the Lord Jesus. In Christ we have a better priest-the Lord Jesus is our priest not only on the earth, but also in heaven. In the Lord Jesus Christ we have a better provision-the provision of the shed-blood of Jesus on the cross of Calvary.

Now, in Hebrews 11 we learn that we live the Christian life on the basis of a better principle. We live by the principle of faith. That's why as you study through Hebrews 11, you will find this constantly recurring phrase-by faith. Each one of these verses tonight begins with the same phrase. The King James Bible translates it ''through faith.'' In verse 28 it really should be ''by faith.'' Verse 29-''by faith.'' Verse 30-''by faith.'' That is the superior principle.

When you receive Christ as your personal Savior, you are to live your life on the basis of a different principle-a different approach to life. Second Corinthians 5:7 puts it quite clearly and succinctly, ''For we walk by faith, not by sight.'' Two ways to live your life. You can live your life on the basis of the things that your eyes can see. Or you can live your life by faith and live on the basis of the things that God can see. A new principle-a new way to live yo ...

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