by Jerry Vines

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Dying Faith (34 of 48)
Jerry Vines
Hebrews 11:20-22

Many of you know that my son-in-law is Tim Williams,
who is a fulltime evangelist. Tim and Joy, Brittney
and Ashlyn are members of our church, very faithfully
attend all of our services. Many of you may know that
his father is also an evangelist—Evangelist Gene
Williams. Gene’s wife was named Dottie. She was a
wonderful Christian-a remarkable Christian-a
delightful person to know. She was diagnosed with
terminal cancer and when it became apparent that her
days were short upon the earth, she said something
very significant I have never forgotten. She said in
essence (not quoting directly), “I have tried to teach
my children how to live. Now, I want to teach my
children how to die.” She did that in a very wonderful
way. Her home going and her departure was a tremendous
testimony to her faith in the Lord and her love for
the Lord Jesus Christ.

We are talking about living faith. The definition
which I have given of living faith is that living
faith is trusting what God says and acting on it,
regardless of circumstances or consequences. Living
faith has to do with every dimension of your life. It
has to do with your past. It has to do with your
present. But it also has to do with your future. All
of us have a future. Out there, tomorrow, we have a
future. The things that really are a concern to us is
what kind of future are we going to have?

I heard about a little boy whose father took him into
a pet shop to pick out a new puppy. The little boy
looked at all of the puppies and there was one wagging
its tail. The little boy said, “I want that one right
there with the happy ending.”

The Bible tells how you can have a happy ending. How
you can have a happy future. Of course, as we look at
the future, there is a complicating factor. There is a
distressing factor. It is the reality of death. It is
the appointment that all of ...

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