by Jerry Vines

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Abraham: Faith Tested (33 of 48)
Jerry Vines
Hebrews 11:11-19

We are moving along in the book of Hebrews, which has
a two-fold purpose. Number one, it is to exalt the
Lord Jesus Christ. As you move through Hebrews you
will find over and over again he uses the word,
better, point out that everything we have in the Lord
Jesus Christ is better.

The second theme is to encourage us to go on to
maturity—to be everything God has saved us to be. In
that relation we have come to the 11th chapter of the
book of Hebrews, which is the great chapter about
faith. This chapter shows us that the way to go is to
go on by faith, to live by faith, to walk with God by
faith. What we are actually doing is just doing a
survey of the book of Genesis in the Old Testament,
and some other Old Testament books, as one by one the
writer of Hebrews is giving us illustrations and
examples from real life people about what living faith
is all about.

I don’t know who said it, but I have heard it for
many, many years and I think it is true, that a faith
which cannot be tested cannot be trusted. I think
that’s a true statement. Some of you are in this
service and you are going through a great trial in
your life. You are experiencing a time of testing in
your life. Little furnaces are for little faith. Big
furnaces are for big faith. If you are going through a
great time of trial in your life it is because God has
great confidence in you. God honors us by the size of
the testing He allows in our life.

I remember a number of years ago hearing Dr. Criswell
at First Baptist, Dallas, tell about a couple in his
church. A very fine, wonderful couple. They had longed
many years to have a child and a child was born. It
became very apparent soon after the child was born
that the child was severely retarded. Of course, it
brought great sorrow and distress to the hearts of the
man and the woman. They came to Dr. ...

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