by Jerry Vines

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Noah: Witnessing Faith (31 of 48)
Series: Hebrews
Jerry Vines
Hebrews 11:7

We continue our journey through Hebrews 11-God's roll call of the faithful. It is the great chapter in the Bible on the subject of faith. We are given a description of faith in the opening verse of the chapter. Then, with that introduction, the writer takes us on survey of Old Testament characters who teach us our of their own experiences what faith is really all about.

It becomes very evident, as you read this 11th chapter, that the writer-whoever it was, the Apostle Paul, or Luke, or whoever-was well acquainted with his Bible. He knew his Bible. He demonstrates that to us by beginning his survey on the heroes of the faith back in the book of Genesis. He starts in Genesis 1 and 2 where he talks about creation. Then in verse 3 he moves to the first character-Abel. We read about Abel in Genesis 4. We saw that Abel's faith is an example of worshipping faith. Then, in verse 5, he moves on to Enoch and takes us to Genesis chapter 5. Enoch's faith is an example of walking faith. Enoch walked with God, by faith. The Bible said ''he was not.'' God took him. God translated him. He went to heaven without dying. It's a beautiful picture of what will happen one of these days when the Lord Jesus Christ comes again and catches up His own to go home to glory with Him. ''Oh, joy, oh, delight, should we go without dying.'' Even so come Lord Jesus.

Now, in verse 7 we come to the 3rd example of faith-the example of Noah. It's very familiar to us. In this he takes us to Genesis 6-9. In those chapters you have the account of Noah and God's directions to him concerning the flood and the requirement that he build an ark so that he and his family, and all who would, could be preserved from the flood. Then the aftermath of what happened after they came out of the ark is recorded. This character, Noah, and his experience in the flood, is used as an example here of what I want to call-witnessing faith.


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