by Jerry Vines

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Enoch: Walking Faith (30 of 48)
Series: Hebrews
Jerry Vines
Hebrews 11:5-6

We are moving on in our survey of this great faith chapter in Hebrews 11, God's Hall of Fame, God's Hall of Faith. In the opening 3 verses he has given us an introductory statement about faith. He has described faith for us. He has said to us that faith is substance and faith is evidence. Faith is substances. It brings the future into our present experience. It makes the future promises of God real to us in our present experience. Faith is also evidence. Faith brings things which cannot be seen by the natural eye, into our daily experience because faith is our spiritual eyesight by which we reach to those invisible, unseen things. They become real in our lives.

Now, he begins a survey, surveying for us some of the Old Testament heroes of the faith. Last week, in verse 4, we took a look at Abel. Abel was an example of what I called worshipping faith. It tells us what saving faith is. Abel's life is an illustration of what saving faith is all about-worshipping faith.

Now, in the 5th verse he brings us to the second Old Testament example of faith. It is the example of Enoch. I must tell you that it is one of my favorites in all of the Bible. I have preached on Enoch many, many times.

What we have in verse 5 is really kind of the conclusion of the story. This verse brings to a climax or consummation an account which is given for us back in the book of Genesis. So I want you to keep your place here and turn back to the book of Genesis chapter 5. I want us to tell the story of Enoch. Enoch's life, way back in the Old Testament time, is an example of what I want to call Walking Faith. We are saved by faith, but we also live by faith. I want you to remember the definition for faith that I have given you. Faith is trusting what God says and acting upon it regardless of circumstances or consequences. You will find this beautifully illustrated in the life of Enoch.

The writer of Hebre ...

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