by Jerry Vines

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Series: Hebrews
Jerry Vines
Hebrews 10:32-39

These are great words of encouragement for us in these verses. This is actually a completion of the 4th warning passage in the book of Hebrews. There are five warning passages in Hebrews. They warn us of the failure to become everything that God has saved us to become.

Not only are they warning passages, but they are also passages of great encouragement. We have looked at the warning section in verses 26-31. Those verses warn us of the danger of presumptuous sin-willful, defiant sin. Sinning on purpose is how we called it last week. The Bible warns us as believers against the danger of sinning on purpose and he showed us what we do when we sin on purpose. We do despite to the Son of God. We trod under foot the Son of God (vs. 29). We count the blood of the covenant an unholy thing. We despite. We insult. We show utter contempt for the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of grace.

That's the warning section. He closes out that warning section in verse 31 by saying, ''it is a fearful thing to fall into the hand of the living God.'' He's talking primarily in terms of falling into the hands of God for chastisement. In the 12 the chapter we ill have a section on chastisement and I'll explain it.

Now, in the rest of this passage beginning in verse 32 he has words of encouragement. They are soothing words, encouraging words. The writer of Hebrews is like a surgeon who has made a painful incision. He has hurt us with his incision. Now the surgeon comes into your hospital room and with tender, soothing words, he tells you how to get well. He tells you how he is going to get you healed. That's what these verses do. They are soothing words of encouragement.

They really fall into line with the second great purpose for the book of Hebrews. The first purpose of Hebrews is to exalt the Lord Jesus Christ and to show us that in Jesus Christ everything we have is far better than anything else you ...

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