by Jerry Vines

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Jerry Vines
Hebrews 10:26-31

I have pointed out to you as we have moved through
this book of Hebrews that along the way there are a
series of what we call warning passages. I have
referred to them sometimes as encouragement passages.
I think the primary intent of them is to encourage us
not to go backward, but to go forward in our Christian
life. Not go back to the old way, but go on to full
maturity and be everything God saved us to be.

It is true that there are also warning passages in
that there is an element of warning in them of what we
face if we go back to the old life. There are five of
these warning passages. We have studied three of them—
this is the fourth one. There will be one more in the
12th chapter.

This particular warning passage or encouragement
passage is addressing a very important subject to you
and to me. The majority of you are born again
believers. You know the Lord as your Savior. You have
been saved. It is a subject which we need to seriously
consider. What about a Christian sinning on purpose?
What about a Christian deliberately sinning?

There are some who believe that once you are saved it
really doesn't matter whether you sin or not. You are
saved, you are going to heaven when you die and it
just really doesn't matter. You can sin and
everything will be alright. We are under grace, not
under law, therefore it's not such a big deal if we

Jude 4 says that there will be those who will tend to
turn the grace of God into lasciviousness
(unrestrained lust). They use God's grace as an
excuse to sin. There are some who fall into that

But these verses of Scripture have to do with the
subject of when we deliberately sin. Do Christians
deliberately sin? Do they intentionally sin? I would
just simply ask you to look into your own heart and
into your own life. I think if we would be honest with
one ...

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