by Jerry Vines

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Jerry Vines
Hebrews 9:15-28

"Better sacrifices than these" (Heb.9:23). This
continues on the theme of the book of Hebrews. If you
want to know what Hebrews is all about, just keep in
mind that he is trying to say that in every way what
we have in the Lord Jesus Christ is better.

These were Jewish Christians. They had come out of
Judaism into the Christian faith. He is showing in the
book of Hebrews that what they now have in Jesus is
far better than anything they could have in the Old
Testament economy. In Jesus we have a better person.
He's better than the angels. He's better than the
prophets. He's better than Moses. In the Lord Jesus
Christ We have a better provision. His blood on the
cross speaks better things than the blood of the bulls
and the goats in the Old Testament. Everything we have
in Jesus is better. That's the theme he is carrying.

Look at verse 15. "And for this cause he is the
mediator of the new testament." Then in the middle of
that verse he talks about the first testament. Have
you ever wondered why, when you pick up your Bible, we
have a group of books that we call the Old Testament?
Then there is a group of books that are called the New
Testament. Two great sections of your Bible—the Old
Testament and the New Testament. There are thirty-nine
books in the Old Testament. Twenty-seven books in the
New Testament. The way to remember that is this.
Thirty-nine in the old. Three times nine equals 27.
Twenty-seven in the new. When you put them together
you have 66 in what we call our Holy Bible.

Why do we call it the Old Testament and the New
Testament? Look at verse 15. He talks about the New
Testament and he calls it in that verse the first
testament. We call it the Old Testament. I want you to
keep your place here and go back to the book of Luke,
22nd chapter. Let's go to that night before Jesus was
crucified. He gat ...

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