by Jerry Vines

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God's Better Plan (21 of 48)
Jerry Vines
Hebrews 8:1-13

In our study in Hebrews we are coming to a new
division or section. I'm doing a lot of repetition in
these messages because I want to always keep before
you the overall framework of this letter and why God
has put the book of Hebrews in our Bible.

There are two reasons why the book of Hebrews is here.
The first reason is to exalt the Lord Jesus Christ and
to show us that in Jesus Christ everything we have is
far, far better than anything else we can have.

The second purpose, of course, is to encourage us as
Christians not to go backwards in our Christian walk,
but to go forward. "Let us go on unto perfection," he
says. That is, full maturity in the Lord. Be
everything God has saved you to be. There is no such
thing as being static in the Christian life. You are
either moving forward or you are moving backward. So,
he is saying, let's move on, let's go on to full
maturity in the Lord.

To that end, along the way, he is showing how much
better what we have in the Lord Jesus Christ is. In
the 1st four chapters he basically said that in Jesus
we have a better person. Jesus Christ outranks the
angels. Jesus is better than Moses, the great
lawgiver. The Bible says the law was given by Moses,
but "grace and truth came by Jesus Christ." That's the
1st four chapters.

In Chapters 5-7 he has been basically saying that in
Jesus we have a better high priest. In the Old
Testament they had a group of priests who ministered
and helped them come to God. Then they had one man who
was a high priest who went into the holy of holies on
the Day of Atonement. These chapters teach that in
Jesus we have a better high priest.

In Chapters 8-10, he is going to show us that in Jesus
we have a better provision. In the sacrifice which
Jesus made for our sins on the cross of Calvary, we
have a better provision than what was available for
p ...

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