by Jerry Vines

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Melchisedec III (20 of 48)
Jerry Vines
Hebrews 7:23-28

As I read through these verses in the 7th chapter,
beginning with 23 to the end of the chapter, see if
you can catch in the Scripture I read the song that
has just been sung for us. That's a beautiful message
in that song. Very biblical message. I thank the Lord
for it.

This is the 3rd message from this chapter. The first
time I went through this chapter a number of years
ago, I preached one message out of it. In this
particular study, I have put it into three because
there is just too much there and I don't want to leave
any out. I'm calling this Melchisedec III. We've had 3
messages about this unusual, rather mysterious
character in the Bible known as Melchisedec.

The book of Hebrews has two main purposes. Number one
is to exalt the Lord Jesus Christ. Number two is to
encourage us not to go back, but to go on to be
everything God intends for us to be in the Christian

The first purpose to exalt the Lord Jesus Christ he
does by showing that in Jesus Christ everything we
have is better. That is one of the key words of the
book of Hebrews—BETTER. Jesus Christ is better in
every conceivable way. He starts off the book by
saying He is better than the prophets. He's better
than the angels. He's better than Moses. Jesus Christ
is absolutely superior, better in His person (who He

Then, he moves on to the second theme where we have
been dwelling for a few weeks and he is now saying
that Jesus Christ is better in His priesthood. Have
you ever wondered why we don't have a system of
priests like they did in the Old Testament? The reason
is -in the Lord Jesus Christ, what we have is better.
You do not have an earthly priest anymore. In fact, if
you have been saved, if you have been born again, you
don't have a priest—you ARE a priest. But you do have
a High Priest. Your high priest is not on the earth
like the ...

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