by Jerry Vines

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MELCHISEDEC I (18 of 48)
Jerry Vines
Hebrews 7:1-10

This is going to be a three-week study on this
chapter. I had thought about summarizing it and moving
on a little faster, then I thought about the folks who
come on Wednesday night and the fact that we have a
group of folks who are interested in really studying
the Word. So I'm going to just go right on and take my
time like I've been doing. I think that's what the
folks on Wednesday night want me to do. You just don't
know what a joy it is to me to teach the Bible to
people who are interested and who are hungry and who
are receptive to the Lord's Word.

I was thinking about Sunday night and the fact that I
am preaching in the Minor Prophets in the Old
Testament. I wouldn't attempt the book of Nahum,
probably not three other churches I know anywhere in
the world that I would attempt to preach things like
that to except this church right here. But I have a
congregation of people who love God's Word, who study
God's Word, who are well taught in God's Word. I just
do things you couldn't do in a lot of other place. I
want to thank you for being the kind of people you are
and for letting me really dig down deep into the Word
of God.

We are coming to a subject we have been anticipating
for some time. We have been moving toward this
particular subject since the 5th chapter and the 10th
verse. It has been reiterated for us in the last verse
of the 6th chapter of Hebrews. Now, we come to the 7th
chapter to the subject at hand. The subject at hand is
Melchisedec. I'm calling this Melchisedec I. The next
message will be Melchisedec II. The next message will
be Melchisedec III. We are going to do three studies
on Melchisedec. This Melchisedec was a king, a king of
righteousness and a king of peace. Not the Son of God,
but like unto the Son of God. he is a picture of an
aspect of the life and ministry of the Son of God.

This ...

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