by Jeff Schreve

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Are You Dressed for Success? (2 of 5)
Series: We Are Soldiers
Dr. Jeff Schreve
Ephesians 6:10-20

The year was 1975. The man was named John T. Molloy. He wrote a book. It was a business book, and it took off like wildfire. He sold so many copies of this book to help business people know how to dress. He called his book Dress for Success. And one of the taglines of the book was this: It's the number one book to make you look like a million so you can make a million. And it was all about, how do you dress. How do you dress when you go on an interview? How do you dress at the office? How do you dress for success? And the reality is so true, and the premise of the book so true. Dress has an effect on your success in business, and it has a direct effect on your success in life. - How you dress.

Now we all know that dress has to do with appropriateness. We dress differently depending on what we're going to do. And we are very savvy to know that we can look at certain people, and when they're dressed a certain way, we know, oh, you're going to do X. So I want us to take a little quiz today just to see how you do. This is a pop quiz because nobody didn't know coming in here that you were going to take a test. And there are going to be grades. And so I want you to let me know. Just shout it out when you figure out what this person is dressed to do. Let's look at the first one.

Judge. That's right. Very good.

Second one: Scuba. That's Scuba Steve, if you've ever watched Big Daddy.

This one: Skiing, right? He's dressed to ski. Okay.

How about this one? Going to the beach on a beach vacation, and they're dressed accordingly.

How about that guy? He's going to war. He's dressed for war. He's dressed for battle.

Now we're in a series called We Are Soldiers, and we're learning about how to be a good soldier for Christ Jesus. In Second Timothy chapter 2, verse 3. Paul tells Timothy, ''Suffer hardship with me as a good soldier of Christ Jesu ...

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