by Jerry Vines

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Jerry Vines
Hebrews 6:10-15

We are still in a rather lengthy passage which is
known most places as one of the warning passages in
the book of Hebrews. Though there is severe warning in
this particular one, I have preferred to call them the
exhortation passages. There are about five of these as
you move through the book of Hebrews. They are
inserted into the main flow of the thought of Hebrews.

There is a two-fold purpose for the writing of this
book. Its first purpose is to exalt the Lord Jesus
Christ. He wants us to see that Jesus Christ is
better. He is writing primarily to Hebrew Christians—
those who have come out of Judaism to receive Jesus
Christ as their Savior. Lest they be tempted to go
back into their Judaism, he has written this book to
say that in every possible way, Jesus Christ is
better. He is better in His person. He is better in
His priesthood. He is better in the sacrifice which He
made once and for all for us on the cross of Calvary.
That's the first purpose—to exalt the Lord Jesus

The second purpose of this book is to encourage us as
believers to move on to maturity in our Christian
life. That's why he says back in the first verse of
this 6th chapter, "let us go on unto perfection." Not
sinlessness, but he means maturity. Let us go on to
full maturity in the Lord. Be everything God has
saved us to be. That's why I prefer to call these
passages the exhortation passages. There has been
stern warning. We looked at these verse last week just
prior to this and we have here, I think, one of the
most solemn passages in the whole Bible—written to
backslidden believers. Those who know the Lord, but
they have fallen along the way and they are in a
unrepentant state. They refuse to allow the Holy
Spirit to break their hearts. They are bringing open
shame and reproach on the Lord Jesus Christ. In fact,
he says they crucif ...

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