by Jerry Vines

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Jerry Vines
Hebrews 6:4-9

We come to one of the most difficult passages in all
of the Bible to understand. It is a difficult passage
of Scripture to interpret and they're many good Bible
teachers who differ about the meaning of this passage.

There are three essential steps involved when you are
studying a passage of God's Word. Step number one—you
have to read the passage. Find out what the passage
says. The only way you can find that out is to read it
for yourself. The second step is to try to determine
what this passages means. You have read it, you have
found out what it says, now you want to know what it
means. Then, when you have interpreted the passage as
best you are able to, you move to the third step.
What does this passage of Scripture say to me? How
does this apply to my life? How can I use this in my
own personal life? How can I apply it to my
relationships in life?

We have read the passage of Scripture. Now, the second
step is to try to find out what this passage means.
There are several views about these verse and what
they mean. one view is that this is a reference to
Christians who apostatize from the faith. This is
believers who were saved, but turn away from the
faith. In so doing they lose their salvation.

If that is the teaching of this passage of Scripture,
then the passage also would teach that if that
happened to an individual, it is impossible for them
to be saved again. Many people hold this view of this
passage—I do not.

Another view of this passage is that this is a
reference to lost people who come right to the very
edge of salvation. They are right on the verge of
being saved, yet they turn away. Almost saved, almost
there, and yet they turn away. If that be the teaching
of the passage it is saying that a person has come to
the point that they have committed an unpardonable
sin. They turn away and could ...

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