by Robert Dawson

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What Is Needed for Continued Growth (4 of 17)
Series: Colossians
Robert Dawson
Colossians 1:9-14

I guess you could honestly and adequately describe me to some degree as a malcontent with a somewhat benevolent attitude. What I mean by that is this, I am rarely satisfied. I am chronically discontented, which may well explain my emotional unbalance...don't look at me like that because a lot of you resemble that remark.

I always want more, usually out of myself. I always expect more. I am always pushing to do better and get extremely frustrated when I don't. There are so many things I would like to do better, to be good at. I would love to be more proficient at athletics (getting a little long in the tooth for that one though), academics, intellectual pursuits, preaching, fishing, woodworking/carpentry and a whole lot of other things. I would like to be less proficient at eating and more proficient at exercise and discipline. I hope none of this makes you think poorly of me.

In all seriousness, one of the things I would love to be good at, consistent at and proficient in is my prayer life - especially the area of intercession.
1. Intercession is when we pray for others. It is prayer that is offered on behalf of someone else.
2. One of the greatest things we can do for one another is to pray for one another. We often think that pray is such a little thing, kind of a nothing thing that we do or can do for others but I want you to know it is not a nothing thing - it is not a small thing - it is not an insignificant thing - it is the greatest work we can do for other people because the impact of our prayers, the prayers of one person, for another person is unimaginable.
3. Prayer invites God to work in their lives --- while He may call me to act on their behalf - It is God that we want to step in and work.

One of the things I greatly admire about our friend the apostle Paul is His prayer life. As you read His letters you always find that he was praying ...

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