GET ON WITH IT! (14 OF 48)

by Jerry Vines

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GET ON WITH IT! (14 of 48)
Jerry Vines
Hebrews 5:11-6:3

I want to be sure we understand where we are and what
the flow of the thought is in our study of Hebrews at
this point in time. In the 10th verse of the 5th
chapter, which we concluded last Wednesday night, the
writer of Hebrews is discussing the fact that Jesus
Christ is better and that He is better in His
priesthood. He is a superior priest. We have a Great
High Priest in the Lord Jesus Christ and He is
superior to any earthly high priest. Then right in the
middle of that discussion, he drops a bomb on them
when he mentions Melchisedec. He says that the Lord
Jesus Christ is a high priest after the order of
Melchisedec. Then in the 11th verse he says, "I have a
lot I want to say about Melchisedec." If you will look
over at the 6th chapter, at the end of the chapter,
20th verse, you will notice that's how the chapter
ends. He talks again about a high priest forever after
the order of Melchisedec. Then in verse 1 "For this
Melchisedec." And he begins his discussion of this
strange personality known here as Melchisedec.

In the 11th verse of the 5th chapter, the writer says -
I want to talk to you about this Melchisedec, but I am
aware that there is a problem here. There is
something which is going to hinder my ability to
communicate this truth to you. He says in verse 11
that these things are hard to be expressed because
"seeing you are dull of hearing."

So, in verse 11, going all the way into the 6th chapter
and the conclusion of it, you have another one of
these encouragement passages that we find scattered
through the book of Hebrews. We've already had two of
them. Back in the 2nd chapter he had one of them and he
warns about drifting. In the 3rd chapter he hits us
with another and he warns us about doubting—the danger
of unbelief. Now, this 3rd one is a warning about the
danger of spiritual immaturity. These are ...

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