by Jerry Vines

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Jerry Vines
Hebrews 5:1-10

Let's relate ourselves again to where we are in the
book of Hebrews and why we're here. The book of
Hebrews is written with the purpose of showing us that
the Lord Jesus Christ is better than anything that was
available in the Old Testament. We had a model of the
Tabernacle where the children of Israel worshipped in
the wilderness. Later on, there was a more permanent
building—the temple—that carried on that worship. Now,
since the Lord Jesus Christ has come we don't have a
Tabernacle or a temple. These early Christians were
much closer to the situation than you and I are. They
were Hebrews Christians and some of them evidently
were under pressure to go back to the old economy. So,
the writer of Hebrews is writing them basically
saying, don't go back, go on. What you have in Jesus
is superior. It is far better than what you had
before. The great Bible teacher, Donald Gray
Barnhouse, used to say, "The book of Hebrews was
written to the Hebrews to tell them to stop being
Hebrews." That's a pretty good way to put it.

So, he has shown us in the opening chapters that Jesus
is better in his person—in who He is. He compares the
Lord Jesus to the prophets of old, to the angels, to
Moses. Jesus Christ is better in His person. He is a
superior person.

Now, he has moved into his second theme and that is
that Jesus Christ is better in His priesthood. He's a
better priest. He picked up the thought of the
priesthood in the 14th verse of the 4th chapter.
"Seeing then that we (born again believers) have a
great high priest." He's talking about the Lord Jesus
Christ and he calls Jesus Christ not just a high
priest, but also a GREAT High Priest.

The thesis he is setting forth is that the Lord Jesus
Christ is our great high priest and He is better than
the earthly high priests were.

If you apply for a job, one of the fi ...

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