by Robert Dawson

Prelude to the Resurrection
Robert Dawson
John 11:1-44

One dad shares this story about an aquarium he bought for his two-year old daughter. We went to the pet store to pick out four fish for the tank. One fish died not long after setting up the tank, thankfully, while little Sara was at her grandparent's house. The mother gave the fish a proper burial at sea and did not tell my daughter about it. A few weeks after the first fishy funeral little Sara found one of her other fish dead.

The fish was caught in one of the fake plastic bushes. She wanted to tell daddy so my wife called me at the office. In her two-year-old way, she told me that her fish had died and she found it in the bushes. She said her and her mommy were going to have a funeral for the fish in the backyard.

My heart sank a little in that moment, not because of the fish but because I realized this would be the first of many losses that she would experience in her life. As that thought was running through my mind, Sara before hanging up the phone, said ''Daddy, keep me from getting caught in the bushes,'' and I burst into tears. Steve Nickles

That is something none of us can avoid, getting caught in the bushes of death. Death is certain and unavoidable.
1. Its specter surrounds us like the cloud of dust that hovers around Pig Pen from the Peanuts comic strip.
2. It is a reality we must all face. One writer said, ''Death is so much a part of daily life that we fail to realize what an absurd imposition it is. We drive past cemeteries so often they become nothing more than background scenes'' and ignore the message of every grave and tombstone, death is real. ''The dark cloud of death hangs over all of us.''

Why death? Why is it here? It robs us of loved ones and haunts our existence but death, as we know it, was not part of God's creation. He made everything and at its beginning it was good. It was very good. Death came as a result of our sin and rebellion against God.
1. When we ...

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