by Robert Dawson

The Necessity of Balance
Robert Dawson
Luke 10:38-42

It's Christmas time!! Some of you love it and live for it...others of us not so much. Some of you have been preparing for months. Someone told me last week they had been shopping since September, some of you shop all year long, whether it is for Christmas or not! You are sitting on go. The rest of us feel as if we need to file an extension and have Christmas pushed back a couple of weeks or maybe even a month.

Christmas gets so busy. Our schedules are packed and there are so many places to be and things to do and buy that the joy of Christmas can be siphoned right out of you. I know I sound a little grinchy but it's least for me.

I can already hear people saying, ''But Robert, Christmas is such a special time. It is a time to gather with and enjoy family and friends. It's important and Christmas provides us a reason and time to do that.''
1. You are right but the rush from one celebration at one house to the next house and to the next house can be exhausting. (Between Christmas Eve and Christmas, we are back and forth between Thomasville, Adel and Lake Park all while trying to squeeze our own little family's Christmas in. No wonder gas prices go up around Christmas...they make a fortune).
2. Sometimes being with family is not all it's cracked up to be. I'm reminded of an advertisement for a sitcom I say the other day. The family is seated around a table, beautifully arranged with a mouthwatering meal, when the hostess comes to the table carrying a marvelous looking ham and sets it down so everyone can begin eating. Prompted by the sight of the ham, an uncle or cousin, pulls out a picture of his latest colonoscopy and starts talking about it and then passes the picture around. While the host sits there in shock and disgust the sister looks at the picture and says, ''What a beautiful shade of pink. It would make a great color for lipstick.'' The husband leans over to his wife and says, ''It ...

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