by Robert Dawson

Cliff Diving Sheep and the Shepherd Who Can Save Them
Robert Dawson
John 10:1-30

Every morning when we wake up we are faced with a decision that holds great risk for us, the decision to get out of bed or not. Many of us would vote for the ''or not.'' When we wake up, roll out of bed and walk out the door we are taking a great risk because we do not know what that day holds, almost anything can happen. Each day offers us the mundane and the routine or it may shower us with the unexpected which is what a group of shepherds in Gevas, Turkey discovered.

Their day started like every other day. They were eating breakfast with other shepherds as their sheep hung out together grazing on the hillside when it happened, one lone self-destructive sheep thought he could fly and jumped off a nearby cliff and fell to his death. The shepherds had to be thinking, ''That was unexpected and more than just a little strange'' but things were about to become even more strange as the unexpected continued to happen. That first deluded and self-destructive sheep set off a domino effect among a third of the flock as close to 500 more sheep followed suit and decided to take flight. Their flight was short lived and so was their lives.

After the incident, a local newspaper reported that over 400 sheep died in that cliff-jumping experiment. Amazingly, some of the sheep who were toward at end of the cliff-diving line survived because the sheep who went first and perished formed a nice pillow-like landing pad for the remaining thrill seekers. (Sometimes it pays to be last).450 Sheep Jump to Their Deaths in Turkey'', (7-8-05)

Dr. Bob Smith, a retired philosophy professor, said ''Sheep are prima facie evidence against the theory of evolution.''
When you think about it...There is no reasonable explanation as to how and why sheep would have survived the battle of natural selection and survival of the fittest. I mean, a saber-tooth tiger can't survive but mutton ...

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