by Jerry Vines

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What A Priest We Have! (12 of 48)
Jerry Vines
Hebrews 4:14-16

I don't have a sword tonight and Bro. Brooks is real
glad. Last Wednesday night when I had the sword under
Bro. Brooks' neck, you wouldn't believe the calls I
had in the back for me to. . .. I don't know why they got
so excited about that sword under your throat, Bro.

If you had been born in Israel 2000 years ago, your
life would be very, very different. For instance, you
would worship God in a very different manner. You
would approach the worship of God, if you were an
Israelite in the wilderness, around the building known
as the Tabernacle. We had a model of that when we
studied the Tabernacle. Or, if you were living in the
time of the Lord Jesus Christ you would have
approached God in a permanent building known as a
temple. Not in an auditorium like this.

There would be some places in those houses of worship
where you would not be allowed to go. You would also
have to have a priest. You would not be allowed to
make any offering yourself. You would have to get a
priest to do it for you. You could bring the animal to
the gate, but a priest would have to take that animal
and put it on an altar and sacrifice it for you. You
couldn't do that for yourself.

Not only would you have to have a priest, but you
would also have to have a high priest. This was one
man who one time a year could go into a place where
nobody else could go. He would take the blood of the
sacrificial lamb and put it on the mercy seat. It
would be very, very different from what you and I
experience in worship tonight.

The theme, the thesis, the central point of the book
of Hebrews is that in the Lord Jesus Christ all of
that has been superceded and that what we have in
Jesus is superior to that. He was writing to a group
of Hebrew Christians who had come out of the old into
the new, but they were tempted to go back into the
old ...

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