by Robert Dawson

Get Rid of the List. Forgive.
Robert Dawson
Matthew 18:21-35

I once saw a t-shirt that said, ''The last thing I want to do is hurt you...but it is still on the list.'' You either have to laugh, cry or say amen to that sentiment because we have had the list or have been on someone else's list.

Those lists exists because relationships, even relationships in the church, like everything else in this fallen world, break. We get hurt by or we hurt other people.
1. It is one of the unfortunate universal patterns of life, a pattern that no one, I repeat, no one, escapes.
2. It touches all us in almost every phase and every arena of life, including the church.

Jesus knew that sinful broken people would be hurt by and would hurt other sinful and broken people. He knew we would struggle with bitterness and unforgiveness.
1. Hurting others comes naturally, some are better at it than others.
2. Just like some people seem to hurt others more easily there are also some who are more easily hurt than others. They tend to be more fragile.

The outcome of all this? Bitterness, anger and lots and lots of lists.

Jesus does not want us carrying those lists. He doesn't want us to be on those lists so He tells us how to deal with those who have hurt us and been hurt by us.
1. I know you are perceptive and discerning enough to figure out where you are in that scenario. You know whether you are the offending party or the one carrying around bitterness and unforgiveness.
2. I dare say at this point in the message you have already thought of a person or situation where you have offended or you have been offended. You have already had a name and face flash through your mind because you carry it with you every day of your life.

As we listen to what Jesus has to say, remember He is in the process of delivering a crash course on discipleship, what it means and what it requires to take up our cross daily and follow Him. The path of discipleship is characterized ...

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