by Robert Dawson

Jesus is Enough
Robert Dawson
Mark 9:2-8

In life we all face difficult and unpleasant tasks, things you simply do not want to do. When faced with these things you wonder if you have the courage, strength and ability to do what needs to be done or even the desire to endure. Maybe you need to have a tough conversation with someone else and you are not looking forward to it. Confrontation and conflict make me sick on my stomach. There may be a big project around the house that you have been putting off forever but forever has finally come and the remodeling or time for repairs is now. Age and/or medical issues have final caught up with you and there is a test/procedure that needs to be run that is neither comfortable nor pleasant. There may be a huge test or project hanging over your head that has to be done for school or work and you simply don't know if you can meet the deadline and get the work done.

Life is filled with things that we must face, things we don't want to face, things we don't want to do but we have to. There is no getting around them. I remember in college my preaching and pastoral care professor had these wonderful pieces of advice. ''First, the only way to eat the elephant is one bit at a time.'' I think two of my favorites were, ''If you have to eat a frog (a big task or something unpleasant) don't look at him too long. If you have to eat two frogs, eat the biggest one first!''

Over last couple of weeks, as we have been working our way through the life of Christ, we have discovered how Jesus to prepare His disciples for something very, very difficult. His death and His departure.

The story we find here in Mark 8-9 (Matthew and Luke as well) serves as a hinge for Gospel narratives. Things are about to change. To this point, what Jesus taught and did, led us to discover the truth about who Jesus is. Peter declared the truth in the previous chapter when he said, ''Jesus is the Christ the Son of the Living God.'' He is the promised M ...

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