by Robert Dawson

An Uncomfortable Call from an Unconventional Savior
Robert Dawson
Matthew 16:21-27

Sometimes things don't work out like we expect them to. Sometimes, as the old saying goes, ''You don't always get what you bargained for.'' This was definitely true of one woman. She was arguing with the insurance company over the coverage for their barn that just burned down. They had insured the barn for $50,000 and she wanted the money so her husband could get to work rebuilding it. The insurance company told her they did not give money but they would simply replace the barn. A little bit confused and more than a little upset she said, ''Let me get this straight. If I take out insurance on something, you do not give me the money for it? Instead, you just replace it?'' The insurance agent responded, ''Yes. That is correct.'' After a contemplative moment she said, ''In that case, cancel the insurance policy on my husband!''

Sometimes, things don't work like we hope. That was certainly true for Peter. The story we will read today is a continuation of the one we began last week, a story that tells us:
1. Who Jesus is
2. What Jesus came to do
3. What Jesus expects of us

Jesus and His disciples were in the area of Caesarea Philippi. It was an area bursting at the seams with false worship to false gods whose altars and temples filled the landscape. With this backdrop Jesus asked His disciples the all-important question, ''Who do you say that I am?'' It is a question of supreme importance, a question of eternal importance. If we get this question wrong then nothing else can possibly be right, not our relationship with God, not salvation and not eternity.

Peter responds, miraculously, with the right answer, something he did not do very often. He said, ''You are the Christ, the Son of the Living God.'' It was a powerful profession.
1. He recognized Jesus as the great hero of OT Scripture who would fulfill all God's promises to His people.
2. Peter's view of a hero wa ...

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