by Robert Dawson

The Bread of Life
Robert Dawson
John 6

I'm sure some of you, if not most of you, have had this experience at some point in your life, maybe as recently as last night. You and your family are leaving your favorite restaurant after a wonderful meal (steak, seafood, BBQ or pasta) and you are absolutely stuffed to the gills. You are convinced you could not eat another bite and will never eat again but on the way home you pass by either a DQ, Sonic, Marble Slab or the Mix, that Frozen Yogurt place, and you discover a desire welling up in you from the depths of your innards, one you know shouldn't be there but is...a desire to eat, a hunger. (I know medical science doesn't back me up on this claim but I am convinced we have two stomachs, one for regular food and one for ice-cream and desserts).

We can fill our stomachs only to discover that in a very short time we experience the desire and/or need to eat again, sometimes much sooner than we anticipated. If you ate a good breakfast this morning chances are most of you will be hungry again before the day is out, most will be hungry before this service is out.

Our physical hunger (physical cravings/desires) serve as an example of a spiritual reality that exists within all of us. They are reflective of the supreme hunger and craving that exists in our very lives, a hunger for something transcendent, something outside ourselves, bigger than ourselves and that will calm the cravings of our heart and souls.
- We know this hunger exists in our soul.
- We know there is a deep unmet need in our spirit, a void.
- We know the answer lies somewhere outside of us.

That's why we grasp at everything other people and this old world offers and cram it into this gaping spiritual void and to some degree and on some level it just doesn't last. At best it is temporary and only partially satisfies.

As Ravi Zacharias said, ''Our hungers are still many and our fulfillments are few.'' There are some who h ...

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