by Robert Dawson

Character Sketch of One Blessed by God
Robert Dawson
Luke 1:26-29

Have you ever watched, listened to or read a biography and were surprised at what you discovered? You discover the person was not was not who you thought they were and because of that backstage and behind the scenes look you see them in a different light, sometimes better and sometimes worse. There have been times I realized they were not the upstanding examples I thought they were. They were not the family man I thought they were. They were not as honest or morally upright as I thought they were. There were other times I felt an even greater respect for them because of all they had overcome, how far they had come and I realized to a much fuller extent what they had accomplished. You listen to stories like that and are amazed at their success and accomplishments because you never would have picked them to succeed if you had known them when.

You gain perspective on a person's life when you have the opportunity go behind the scenes and see them the way their family saw them or the way the people they grew up with did.

As we look at the life of Christ we learn about Him but we also learn something about the people around Him. We see their character and faith. This is true in the birth narratives or the Nativity Story as we like to call it. Often times as we look at these stories and all we think about or see is the highlight reel or headlines and never stop to read and think about the supporting details in their lives. Knowing that makes their stories more amazing.

I want us to go beyond the headlines and the highlights today as we look at the life of Mary, Jesus' mother.

We know about the miraculous way she conceived and the manger story (at least the Christmas song version of it) but if we went backstage and got a behind the scenes look at her life (from her point of view and that of the people she lived with and grew up with) would we picked her for this great honor. Would we hav ...

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