by Robert Dawson

Life Lessons from a Wedding
Robert Dawson
John 2:1-11

There is an old saying that goes, ''You never get a second chance to make a first impression.'' First impressions are important. Athletes who finally have the opportunity to make their rookie debut want to make a splash and leave a lasting impression. Actors and actresses reading for a new part or trying to break into the business want to make a good first impressions. As a faith family we want to make a good impression on those who walk into our facilities, meet our people and worship with us for the first time.

Truth is, we all want to leave a lasting impression, a positive impression, whether it is on our first date or a job interview. Today we see Jesus launching into His public ministry.
1. He has been waiting for this moment. He had been preparing for this moment. His baptism was His introduction and His temptation was His proving ground.
2. Knowing all the build-up and preparation, the nature of His ministry and what He came to accomplish you would expect Jesus' first act, His first miracle, to announce His presence in an unforgettable way.
3. If we had been Jesus' advisor and agent helping Him get ready for this debut what would we have had Him do to make a good, lasting and unforgettable first impression?
a. Raise the Dead - Feed Thousands - Walk on Water
b. Calm storm - Cast out demons - Make the lame to walk and the dumb to talk

Those would have been show stoppers. Granted, He did those throughout His ministry but that is not how He opened His ministry. He opened His ministry and began His miraculous works in what, was not all that impressive a fashion. Not that a miracle is unimpressive because that is just the opposite of what a miracle is but when you compare it to all the other things Jesus did this first one that we are going to read about just doesn't seem to stack up as well.

His first appearance and miracle was performed, of all places, at a wedding and only a handful ...

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