by Robert Dawson

Absolute Necessity of the New Birth
Robert Dawson
John 3:1-17

Alexandria Flynn, from Fremont Nebraska, was all dressed up with nowhere to go the night of her school's homecoming dance in 2002. It was not for a lack of effort. Alexandria went to the dance but was denied entrance by the man guarding the door because she forgot her student I.D.

Alex went home to get her I.D. but she could not find it so she brought the next best thing, her mom. Even with her mother in tow the man would not allow Alexandria in. They explained to the man how she was student body president, a member of the all-state orchestra, a perennial honor-roll student, captain of the cheerleaders and no entrance into the dance. No. I.D. no dance. Did I mention she was the homecoming queen as well? All dressed up, with not where to go.

It must have been very frustrating for her to hear ''No, you can't come it.'' Despite all the titles, accomplishments and personal protests was denied access because she didn't have the one thing required to gain entrance.

As we look at John 3 we find a man by the name of Nicodemus who came to Jesus because he wanted to know what it would take for Him to gain entrance into the Kingdom of God/Heaven, which was the very thing every good Jew was looking forward to and hoping to be a part of.

Now Nicodemus was a religious leader in the Jewish community.
- He was a Pharisee. He was ultra-religious and was part of the religious establishment's Varsity team.
- He was one of those people that everyone around him would have thought, ''Yep, if anyone is getting into the Kingdom of God Nicodemus will. If Nicodemus can't make it then the rest of us then there's not much hope for the rest of us.''
- That was Nicodemus, a good man and a model citizen and a religious professional.

After watching Jesus perform signs, hearing Him speak and watching Him clean house at the Temple Nicodemus comes to Jesus on evening to talk. I do not believe he comes on offi ...

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