by Robert Dawson

A Messed up Life Made Right
Robert Dawson
John 4:1-42

In 2006, Alitalia Airlines made a slight mistake on its website. They advertised business-class seats from Toronto to Cyprus for $39. That was a great deal for the customers who bought up over 2,000 tickets! It was not however a great deal for the airline. The price of that flight was supposed to be $3900 per ticket not $39. Somebody messed up!! Somebody messed up big time and it cost the airline $7.7 million.

We look at that and might think, ''How could anyone mess up so badly?'' Or we could think, ''I know what that's like!'' Because, we have all messed up in life and had to pay a price for it. We can take it a step further and say not only have we messed up in life we have also messed up our lives.
- The Bible tells us that we have all made a mess of our lives because of sin.
- We have willingly and deliberately - throughout our life - sinned against God and rejected His plan for our lives.
- The cost of that rebellion - cost of sin in our lives - cannot be measured in dollars and cents but in tears, heartache, fear, grief, regret, guilt and shame. (Which is what so many people today are carrying with them).

If we had the time to sit down with a few vats of coffee and thousands of donuts we could fill up days telling our messy stories to one another.
- Some of our stories would be a little messier and more sordid than others but the result of our sin and the mess it brings is death.
- Our sin doesn't just separate us from God for a moment, a season or a lifetime but for eternity.

The good news is that no matter how messed up your story might be it doesn't have to stay that way. Today as we follow the story of Jesus we are going to see a messed up life made right and learn some marvelous truths about a Savior who delights in cleaning up messed up lives and making people whole.

We will be looking at the first 42 verses in John chapter 4. We will not read it all at one time but thr ...

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