by Jerry Vines

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Jerry Vines
Hebrews 3:7-19

In the book of Hebrews there are five so-called
warning passages. I prefer to call them not warning
passages as much as encouragement passages. In the
last chapter of the book of Hebrews he calls this
letter a word of exhortation. But they are referred to
as warning passages and there are about five of them.
We've already looked at one of them. The first one is
in the second chapter, the first four verses. There is
a warning against the danger of drifting—that we do
not miss out on what God has in store for us as

Now, in the 7th verse almost to the end of the 4th
chapter you have the second warning or encouragement
passage. The first one deals with the danger of
drifting. This one deals with the danger of doubting.
The problem of unbelief.

We need to set the framework for this passage of
Scripture so we will understand where we are headed.
There are three prepositional phrases I want you to
mark in these verses, which lay out for us the
parameters or give the framework of this warning

Look at verse 16. You might put in brackets this
little phrase—out of Egypt. That refers to the
children of Israel being carried out of the land of
Egypt through the Red Sea. It is a picture spiritually
of salvation--our redemption through the blood of the
Lord Jesus Christ. You and I as born again, saved
people are out of Egypt. We have been saved. We have
been redeemed. We have been delivered from this
present evil world. That's the first phrase. They came
out of Egypt.

The second phrase is in verse 11. It is -into my rest.
That phrase is a reference to the children of Israel
going into the land of Canaan. God delivered Israel
out of Egypt in order that they might go into Canaan.
So "into rest" here is a reference to the land of
Canaan—the Promised Land. This is where God intended
to carry them. That ...

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