by Jerry Vines

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He Became A Man (7 of 48)
Jerry Vines
Hebrews 2:14-18

One of the most astounding affirmations in all of the
Bible to me is the affirmation that God became a man.
Think about that! The Bible teaches that God, the God
of this universe, the Creator of the universe, became
a man. That is an astonishing thought. Chip Dorton
sings a song sometimes that goes like this: "The great
Creator became my Savior. And all God's fullness
dwells in Him."

One moment the Lord Jesus Christ was robed in robes of
glory. The next moment He was wrapped in swaddling
clothes. One moment the Lord Jesus was walking on the
streets of gold. The next moment He was lying
helplessly on a pile of straw in an animal trough. God
became a man. It is indeed an astonishing, astounding
thought. Yet that is exactly what these verses I have
read to you declares. It does it twice. In verse 14 it
says that He became a man. It says again in verse 16
that He became a man—the seed of Abraham. That means
He became a man.

The Lord Jesus Christ, the eternal God became a man
uniquely. Verse 14 says, ". . .The children (you and I)
are partakers of flesh and blood." That is, we have
in common—human flesh. When you and I are born, when
we become people, when we are born into the human
family, we have eyes, ears, nose, mouth—we partake of
flesh and blood.

It says about Him—"he also himself likewise took part
of the same" It's a different verb used there.
Partakers means to have in common, but when it says
that He took part of the same—that means that He laid
hold of. That is saying that Jesus became a man
uniquely. In that Jesus Christ became a man by means
of the virgin birth. So that when Jesus became a man,
He became like us in that he became a man, but He was
uniquely a man in that He did not partake of original

You and I were born with a sinful nature. He was not.
Hebrews 4:15 says that "he was in all p ...

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